Thursday, March 12, 2015

Shamrock Fence & Soon Pi Day!

Gotta be so pricey, fence?
Hey Jammers! It's getting hard keeping up with all these new items! Anywho, AJHQ made another item! Man, all these items just popping up! I remember when it wasn't like this. Well, we have a new Shamrock Fence ~ great for the lucky dens~ for 400 gems. Kinda pricey eh? Oh yea, it's located in Jam~Mart Furniture. I'm kinda sleepy today ZZZZZZZ We also have another item leaving Jamaa. Good, I don't like hearts... It's an under~water heart rug. Why is AJHQ getting rid of all the items? Well, I know why but.. ya know.. Pick it up in Sunken Treasures before it leavessss. ~Falls asleep cause I don't have to type anymore~

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