Friday, February 27, 2015


   Image result for animal jam claw i won                        Image result for animal jam claw i won                                                                                                                                                                                                   Well, want some plushies? I have a glitch Animal Jam HQ never fixed. OKIE, go to the claw *Arcade for it to work* then, go to the left or middle of the machine.  Keep clicking the down bar, the keys with the arrows usually to your left. Use the left and right to pick where you want to drop, too. If you get a plushie, you can get another by dropping the grabber in the same spot. You have to keep clicking the down bar as fast as you can!! You can only get plushies from the same spot up to 5 times. Sorry if this doesn't work, it usually works for me :D


We have a GREAT new contest I have thought of. It is called " Fashion Friday." Every Friday I will think of a theme and post the best outfit. We do this in my den, I do a theme and you have 2 minutes to make it perfecto! Then, whoever has the best theme, gets to be posted in my blog! Congrads to snowyclaw!! She did really, really good if I do say so myself.. 

Leprechaun Hat

We have a Leprechaun Hat here... * for you leprechauns * It is sold in Jam~Mart for 300 gems. I wonder who else is tired of this green~stuff already... Bye Jammers, happy jamming!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

What..?? 0_0

Image result for animal jam VERY KIND jammersI know what your wondering, " how is the world does some New Jammer have that? " We have explanations.. 1. You can trade items to your account from another. * I did this because I have gotten scammed and hacked on a beta account, I made a new one and traded my last beta is soscary2112. You open 2 tabs of Animal Jam and log in, that's it really.. * 2. They have scammed someone 3. Glitched account. There are many explanations, too. I named the most popular. Image result for animal jam VERY KIND jammers
Thank you for reading. I have seen people ask about it in Jamaa, I told the people who asked to check my blog.

St. Patrick's, March 17th * SPOILER ALERT *

Image result for animal jam st patrick's dayHey, jammers! St. Patrick's Day is in March, the 17th.   This is the Lucky Party :DDD Pretty cool if you ask me..

                                              Also, we have a good jammer announcement..   The tiger's face though XD                                          
Image result for animal jam VERY KIND jammers

Happy Anti~Bullying Day!! * Canadian *

These are my buddies on Anti~Bullying Day. Sorry, I did not post it yesterday :C Busy with life sometimes.. Anywho, I can not think of a good contest to do every week. Please post in the comments if you have any ideas. I would greatly appreciate it, I will post who thought of the idea if anybody does :) 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Adventure Rewards~ I think The Hive

Image result for animal jam fman122 usernames 2015

Know this guy? His new username is ImFinallyBack2015 :OO

Image result for animal jam fman122 usernames 2015


Image result for snow leopard animal jam 
Snow Leopards are endangered!! You must get one, they leave in about a week or so.. This is madness!!
If anyone could help me, I am confused on this referral link thing..??? It's a site on how to get Animal Jam memberships~ Or game cards. Here:
Well, I have come codes I:3
explorer - 100 gems
AJBDAY4 - 4th Birthday Cake
drawing - 500 gems
shadows - 500 gems
tigris - 500 gems
chimbu - 500 gems
adventure - 500 gems
spooky - 500 gems
ngk2015 - 1,000 gems 
twelve - 1 diamond
winter - 500 gems
pets – 500 gems
friendship - 500 gems ( I recently discovered twelve and spooky do not work :C )
UPDATE: Rare Item Monday!! Hi, guys. We have another Rare Monday!! Today's RIM is.... * drumroll * Rare Hat and Curly Wig!! Reminds me of George Washington and those people in the 1600 and 1700 hundreds XD. You can buy this rare in Jam~Mart ( In Jamaa ) on theImage result for animal jam february 2015 rare curly hat and wig 8th page. Bye jammers!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


This is my new Animal Jam Blog. I'd like you welcome you, jammers. I'm soscary2112 as you can see. This is a blog that I update daily * sorry if I do not sometimes I'm busy doing... STUFF. * Anyways, yea I post links sometimes also, codes sometimes. :P Happy playing/ reading 0.0