Friday, March 27, 2015


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This is the head-line.
C'mon and try Chicken Smoothie!! "What kind of name is that?" you might say. Explanations, explanations... The first pet was a chicken, and the first item was a smoothie. THERE the name of the site is solved. Now, let me tell you about it. Trade me anytime and read my trading rules. I am EeveePOK. Are you wondering about my username? Eevee is Picachu's girlfriend. POK is Pokemon for short. (I had to choose it cuz the username I wanted was taken so I did the next best thing.) Already interested? Go to Chicken Smoothie is a game/site where you can trade and adopt pets, including items. Do some research about it! You're not gonna get everything from mwah!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sorry, Jammers

I'm not posting much anymore, I know only two people go on this blog and don't even do anything. I am deeply sorry, I might post 3~4 times a month. My giveaway with probably never happen, due to technical difficulties. Sorry if you love this blog, I'll still post! I'll still be on the internet! You can still email to me! Thanks everybody, remember I'm NOT leaving!

Friday, March 13, 2015


I'm pretty sure ya'll like: Yea right, somebody probably photo~shopped that... It's not true people! My buddy got this from Lucky Clovers, she has got many already from adventures if you look her up ~her username is at the bottom of this picture, she does that.~ When she sent this is my gmail, I gasped so hard my body shaked and I started wheezing XD> She never usually gets a black one.. I had a party in her den for her just to celebrate.. We kinda got too crazy and started saying "MOLK", weird name for "milk." She disagreed with me and kept saying "MALK." We also invited buddies, they partyed too. What am I even talking about anymore? Anywho, yea it's true, you can get this from Lucky Clovers. All this to tell you it's true; you can get this pawsome item from adventures.

Leprechaun Shoes & Shamrock Gate!

Hey Jammers! We have more lucky items! Today's new lucky themed item is a Shamrock Gate, sold in Jam~Mart Furniture for 400 gems ^.^ That's as much as yesterday's fence! I'm really enjoying how much updates Jamaa gets now, are you? Our second item today is Leprechaun Shoes, sold in Jam~Mart Clothing for 500 gems! Have fun all you wild leprechauns, get em' while they last! Sorry, I gotta wrap up this post because of school, tehe no color change. LOOK AT THE COLORS YOURSELF LAZY PEOPLE! Snowclaw just has to show you guys the colors on her blog because she KNOWS your lazy, how about that hmm?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Shamrock Fence & Soon Pi Day!

Gotta be so pricey, fence?
Hey Jammers! It's getting hard keeping up with all these new items! Anywho, AJHQ made another item! Man, all these items just popping up! I remember when it wasn't like this. Well, we have a new Shamrock Fence ~ great for the lucky dens~ for 400 gems. Kinda pricey eh? Oh yea, it's located in Jam~Mart Furniture. I'm kinda sleepy today ZZZZZZZ We also have another item leaving Jamaa. Good, I don't like hearts... It's an under~water heart rug. Why is AJHQ getting rid of all the items? Well, I know why but.. ya know.. Pick it up in Sunken Treasures before it leavessss. ~Falls asleep cause I don't have to type anymore~

Lucky Pinwheel & Soon Pi Day!

^.^ Mustard colors now..
Hey Jammers! Today, we have a new lovely item for Jamaa's Lucky Day celebrations! This spectacular item is being sold in Jam~Mart Furniture for 350 gems for ALL JAMMERS ^.^ Ain't that lucky? Decorate your lucky den with this pawsome lucky item, I sure will!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Painter's Scaffolding & Underwater Clover Trident

Hey Jammers! Today, we have two new pawsome items!! First, we have the Painter's Scaffolding for 550 gems in Jam~Mart Furniture, with NINE colors! And as our second new item, we have the Clover Trident being sold in Bahari Bargains for 500 gems ( GEE! Don't forget about the giveaway Saturday! Hope ya'll be there!! )

Rare Item Monday; Rare Head Flower

Hey Jammers! We have another Rare Item Monday, a non member one this time! This rare is being sold in Jam~Mart Clothing.. This rare looks pretty good with non member lucky outfits! We all need some rares but, this rare is kinda over~priced! A Rare Head Flower should be 400 gems, don't you think ^.^

Monday, March 9, 2015

Clover Top Hat & RAINBOWS

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is the Clover top Hat, sold at Jam~Mart Clothing for 500 gems for the lucky celebrations in Jamaa! The beautiful Painted Rainbow has been added to the pawsome Paint Studio Set for 350 gems in jam~Mart Furniture! I gotta get that rainbow! ^.^ How are you celebrating Jamaa's official ~oh so~ lucky celebrations this month? Have you been lucky yet? Maybe you can play Lucky Clovers to see if you're lucky enough to earn a RARE SPIKE from the epic chest? Tehe.. go green and be lucky!! (MY GIVEAWAY HAS BEEN SCHEDULED TO THIS SATURDAY AT 7PM)

Shamrock Glasses & Painted Hearts

Hey Jammers! Today's returning item is the Shamrock Glasses, sold at Jam~Mart Clothing for 300 gems. The Painted Heart has also been added to the Paint Studio Set in Jam~Mart Furniture for 350 gems. Man, don't you love all these new updates almost every day?!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Clover Bracelet, Paint Streaks, and More!


                                                                          Hey Jammers! Today, we have two pawsome items! The first is a clover bracelet, located in Jam~Mart Furniture for 350 gems. And the second item is a new addition to the Art Studio Set. ( Yay! I voted for this topic. I love art so much, I am an artist.) The Paint Marks are sold in Jam~Mart Furniture for 350 gems also. Yay art! Oh yea, I am having a giveaway Saturday at 7pm. All of my buddies are coming.. Just read the post some posts below..                                                          

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lucky Adventure, Pi Day, Paint Studio, and More!

Wooooaaaaah! I come on Animal Jam and I see LOADS of updates ^O^ For those that have hated the past weeks' updates ~me included~ we have something we can actually like. Oh, I forgot to say Hey Jammers! There, I did. I can not wait go try the adventure over the weekend! Who picked to have the Paint Studio? I did! I love art and being creative. All of the choices were pretty cool ~ if you forgot, we could vote for the Paint Studio, Space Shuttle, or Pizza Place~ Anyways, many of you may be interested in the post below about my giveaway!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Saturday Is soscary2112 Giveaway!

 Hey Jammers, exiting news! I am having a giveaway to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! I am only giving away one item; Beta Moon Dirt. If you do not know what it is, it's a floor from the Beta Testing ~ summer of 2010 threw September ~ of Animal Jam. It's worth a lot, I traded my Blue Vines ~ another Beta Testing Floor ~ for Moon Dirt to give it away to a lucky jammer. I have what it looks like above. Anywho, the giveaway is this Saturday, 7pm. To enter, send me a jam~a~gram so I know your username and who to expect to be there OR say your username in the comments of this post. DO NOT invite buddies, or you are not allowed to participate. I am expecting ruffruffro3 so far, a school friend. This may be once in a life~time chance! GOOD LUCK JAMMERS, BAI BAI!!!


Hey Jammers! Today's new item under the water is... Clover Tubes! This item is sold in Sunken Treasures for only 300 gems! So many lucky items lately.. don't you think so? It's a nice item for non members. They're quite pretty, don't you think? I gotta buy some! Oh yea, to see other posts scroll down way to the bottom and look there, I have to keep telling that to my friends. So.... know ya know.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Play Wild Updates~ YOU MUST DOWNLOAD!!

Hey Jammers! Animal Jam's latest app, Play Wild Beta has an update! AJHQ added new parties, jam~a~grams, a new land, sapphires, jam~cam, and much more! Firstly, let's start off with the updated Jamaa Journal. I will show you everything updated in the pictures below. Note~ I do not have many, there were problems. Sorry! :( 

NEW ITEM~ Clover Cape

Hey Jammers! We have another new item under the water... a clover cape! This item is being sold in Bahari Bargains for 450 gems. Happy shopping! I love the black, don't you? I wonder what they look like on dophins... ~puts fingers on chin and starts to dance like a leprechaun.~

Monday, March 2, 2015

Rare Construction Hat!

This rare is being sold is Jam~Mart Clothing! Even though this looks bad, get one. Sometimes it worth it! I got a spiked~collar for one of these bad rares.. It is kinda expensive for something like that ^ ^ really, it looks like someone duck~taped a blue coffee cup to a green hat! These rares have gotten worse and worse... What a shame! Let Gramma tell you how to made rares!

Spring Daffodils + Birthstone!

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is the Daffodil Bouquet, sold at Treetop Gardens in Sarepia Forest! We also have a new birthstone sold in Epic Wonders, Coral Canyons. Don't we all love spring? I sure can tell you, I do! Both of these items are kinda expensive... Well, at least I have 52,987 gems to waste! How many precious jewels ya'll got?

Lucky Earmuffs

 Heyo Jammers! We have a returning item, more lucky things... Jamaa has gotten too lucky lately! These earmuffs are being sold in Jam~mart! I wish Animal Jam created black.... I bet they would look cool. Here are the colors;

Friday, February 27, 2015


   Image result for animal jam claw i won                        Image result for animal jam claw i won                                                                                                                                                                                                   Well, want some plushies? I have a glitch Animal Jam HQ never fixed. OKIE, go to the claw *Arcade for it to work* then, go to the left or middle of the machine.  Keep clicking the down bar, the keys with the arrows usually to your left. Use the left and right to pick where you want to drop, too. If you get a plushie, you can get another by dropping the grabber in the same spot. You have to keep clicking the down bar as fast as you can!! You can only get plushies from the same spot up to 5 times. Sorry if this doesn't work, it usually works for me :D


We have a GREAT new contest I have thought of. It is called " Fashion Friday." Every Friday I will think of a theme and post the best outfit. We do this in my den, I do a theme and you have 2 minutes to make it perfecto! Then, whoever has the best theme, gets to be posted in my blog! Congrads to snowyclaw!! She did really, really good if I do say so myself.. 

Leprechaun Hat

We have a Leprechaun Hat here... * for you leprechauns * It is sold in Jam~Mart for 300 gems. I wonder who else is tired of this green~stuff already... Bye Jammers, happy jamming!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

What..?? 0_0

Image result for animal jam VERY KIND jammersI know what your wondering, " how is the world does some New Jammer have that? " We have explanations.. 1. You can trade items to your account from another. * I did this because I have gotten scammed and hacked on a beta account, I made a new one and traded my last beta is soscary2112. You open 2 tabs of Animal Jam and log in, that's it really.. * 2. They have scammed someone 3. Glitched account. There are many explanations, too. I named the most popular. Image result for animal jam VERY KIND jammers
Thank you for reading. I have seen people ask about it in Jamaa, I told the people who asked to check my blog.

St. Patrick's, March 17th * SPOILER ALERT *

Image result for animal jam st patrick's dayHey, jammers! St. Patrick's Day is in March, the 17th.   This is the Lucky Party :DDD Pretty cool if you ask me..

                                              Also, we have a good jammer announcement..   The tiger's face though XD                                          
Image result for animal jam VERY KIND jammers

Happy Anti~Bullying Day!! * Canadian *

These are my buddies on Anti~Bullying Day. Sorry, I did not post it yesterday :C Busy with life sometimes.. Anywho, I can not think of a good contest to do every week. Please post in the comments if you have any ideas. I would greatly appreciate it, I will post who thought of the idea if anybody does :) 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Adventure Rewards~ I think The Hive

Image result for animal jam fman122 usernames 2015

Know this guy? His new username is ImFinallyBack2015 :OO

Image result for animal jam fman122 usernames 2015


Image result for snow leopard animal jam 
Snow Leopards are endangered!! You must get one, they leave in about a week or so.. This is madness!!
If anyone could help me, I am confused on this referral link thing..??? It's a site on how to get Animal Jam memberships~ Or game cards. Here:
Well, I have come codes I:3
explorer - 100 gems
AJBDAY4 - 4th Birthday Cake
drawing - 500 gems
shadows - 500 gems
tigris - 500 gems
chimbu - 500 gems
adventure - 500 gems
spooky - 500 gems
ngk2015 - 1,000 gems 
twelve - 1 diamond
winter - 500 gems
pets – 500 gems
friendship - 500 gems ( I recently discovered twelve and spooky do not work :C )
UPDATE: Rare Item Monday!! Hi, guys. We have another Rare Monday!! Today's RIM is.... * drumroll * Rare Hat and Curly Wig!! Reminds me of George Washington and those people in the 1600 and 1700 hundreds XD. You can buy this rare in Jam~Mart ( In Jamaa ) on theImage result for animal jam february 2015 rare curly hat and wig 8th page. Bye jammers!