Friday, March 13, 2015


I'm pretty sure ya'll like: Yea right, somebody probably photo~shopped that... It's not true people! My buddy got this from Lucky Clovers, she has got many already from adventures if you look her up ~her username is at the bottom of this picture, she does that.~ When she sent this is my gmail, I gasped so hard my body shaked and I started wheezing XD> She never usually gets a black one.. I had a party in her den for her just to celebrate.. We kinda got too crazy and started saying "MOLK", weird name for "milk." She disagreed with me and kept saying "MALK." We also invited buddies, they partyed too. What am I even talking about anymore? Anywho, yea it's true, you can get this from Lucky Clovers. All this to tell you it's true; you can get this pawsome item from adventures.

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